Tired of not getting paid enough as a lawyer? Not using that J.D. anymore?

Come tutor the LSAT for The LSAT Nerd!


Here’s why you should consider tutoring the LSAT for The LSAT Nerd:

  • Earn $70 for 90 minutes of tutoring – one of the highest rates available for LSAT tutors. This is more than Powerscore, Kaplan, and Varsity pay their tutors. Why work for peanuts when you are providing such a valuable service?
  • Not still a practicing attorney? Not a problem! All we require is that you either are currently or were formerly the member of any state’s official Bar Association.
  • Busy schedule? Not a problem! You dictate your own hours, with full control over your calendar and availability. 
  • Hate commuting? Not a problem! All of The LSAT Nerd’s students are taught online, over webcam. What could be better than making money from the comfort of your own home?
  • More than just a job, you’re actually helping people achieve their dreams. Remember how idealistic you were when you were studying for the LSAT? It might sound cheesy, but working with students who are hoping to fulfill a passion of theirs is actually really gratifying, fun, and fulfilling. It is one of the best feelings in the world when a student calls (or, more realistically, texts) to tell you that they got accepted by their dream school.

For more info, email Josh@thelsatnerd.com

The LSAT Nerd was founded by Josh Garfinkel, who worked as an attorney in Los Angeles for a few years before one day realizing he hated being a lawyer. He founded The LSAT Nerd with the goal of helping attorneys be their own boss, level the playing field, and take more control over their income and work/life balance. His corporate philosophy is simple: even lawyers deserve to be treated like human beings.

If you’re interested, shoot a casual email over to Josh Garfinkel: Josh@thelsatnerd.com

Feel free to include your resume, but it’s not mandatory. Just let us know why you’re interested in tutoring the LSAT.

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