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  • All LSAT Nerd tutors are actual attorneys

  • All LSAT Nerd tutors have scored at least a 170 on the LSAT

  • Our students have improved by double digits, and many students are currently attending Ivy League and top ten law schools.

  • Ten years of tutoring experience – many of the big companies will send you a tutor who is actually still only a law student. We will pair you with an actual attorney.

  • SLOTS STILL OPEN FOR THE NOVEMBER, 2019 LSAT! Get ahead of the curve by learning about the new electronic format.


“He turned my starting practice score of 151 to a 171.”
—Amanda D.

“He is the reason for my double-digit score improvement! I would recommend him to anyone and everyone taking the LSAT.” —Jessica O.



I am Josh Garfinkel, J.D., and I am not only the founder and CEO of The LSAT Nerd: I am a real life LSAT nerd. I earned a 175 on the September 2006 LSAT. I was accepted into some of the top law schools in the world including Harvard, Columbia, New York University, and Northwestern University. I graduated from the University of Michigan Law School in 2010. 

I have been teaching the LSAT for over ten years, making me one of the most experienced LSAT tutors in the country. I call myself the LSAT Nerd because I truly find the LSAT exciting, fascinating, and downright fun. Yes, that's right. I think the LSAT is fun.

The big tutoring companies will force you to pay a tremendous price up front for a tutor you know nothing about. With The LSAT Nerd, you pay as you go - sign up for one lesson and see how it goes. No contracts. No pressure. And any time you want to talk to the CEO of the company, you can shoot me a text or phone call. I handle all customer service personally, because I am committed to making sure 100% of our students are satisfied with their experience.


Tired of analyzing argument after argument? Learn about my method for seeing beyond the argument. You'll never have to analyze a parallel reasoning or parallel flaw question again – simply match the components like it's a game and increase your speed AND accuracy.


Our Tutors

Every tutor at The LSAT Nerd has scored at least a 170 on the LSAT, has graduated from a top law school, and has passed at least one state Bar Exam.


Josh Garfinkel

Josh Garfinkel graduated from University of Michigan Law School in 2010, and earned a 175 on the LSAT. He worked as an attorney for a few years in Los Angeles, before deciding to open a boutique LSAT tutoring company that specializes in matching students with tutors who are actual attorneys, and who have a passion for teaching. When not tutoring, chances are good he is with his English Springer Violet at the dog park.

Kerry monroe

Kerry Monroe graduated magna cum laude from the University of Michigan Law School in 2010, and received a 177 on the LSAT. She also completed her M.A. in Law at Yale. Kerry specializes in helping students increase their speed and accuracy on each LSAT section. When she isn’t tutoring, she is an avid gymnastics fan.

Wade formo

Wade earned a 173 on the LSAT, graduated from Northwestern University School of Law, passed the New York bar on his first attempt, and clerked for a Federal Judge before joining The LSAT Nerd. Wade is more than happy to serve as a resource for those who have questions about applications, the law school experience, and what lies beyond. In his spare time, Wade is a die-hard NBA basketball fan.



Whether we work together in person or online, our philosophy is that if new information isn't presented in an interesting way, it isn't going to be retained. We pride ourselves on being personable, patient, and engaging.

Our teaching style is extremely engaging and interactive.

When meeting online, we will set up a video call over Google Hangouts or Skype (or whichever other app or site you prefer). We will both have a link to an online whiteboard, where you can follow along as I diagram and write notes that both of us can see, and we will both be working out of the same books.

Online tutoring has a number of distinct advantages over in-person tutoring, such as:

  • No commute time

  • Work in the comfort of your own home or office

  • More flexible scheduling options

  • You can wear pajamas while you learn



Josh is a fabulous tutor. His knowledge of the logic games is comprehensive, and his teaching methods are stress-free, but wildly effective. He was personable, kind, and extremely supportive. He honed my skills and taught me to trust my instincts, which was really the key to my success. He is the reason for my double-digit score improvement! I would recommend him to anyone and everyone taking the LSAT.
— Jessica O.
Josh turned my starting practice score of 151 to a 171. He really is great at explaining where you could go wrong and steering you in the right direction. He tailors every session specifically to my needs which was mainly Logical Reasoning, taking what were the most difficult problems and showing me how to simplify them. Overall great guy with great strategies.
— Amanda D.
The first time I took the LSAT, my score couldn’t have gotten me anywhere. It was when I found Josh and he taught me how to approach the LSAT with a different mindset that I got the score that I wanted. He was very patient with me and always made sure I understood a problem before moving on. I’m now heading to my dream school in the fall!
— Seema I.
I took the LSAT 3 times. I self-studied the first-time and went with a big name company for the second time. My score remained the same the first two times, and I went to Josh for help with my third take. Josh was able to help me identify my weaknesses and help me understand where I was specifically going wrong in certain problems. I was able to increase my score 6 points with the help of Josh, and would highly recommend him!
— Aaron W.
There was a point during the tutoring when I was second guessing myself, going back and erasing the correct answer and choosing something different. You told me to trust myself, and to be confident in the skills that we developed. That was for the LSAT, but for me that was a life lesson (not to get too philosophical lol).

Needless to say I have been accepted to all the schools I applied to with scholarships to all three.

Seriously, Thank You Josh.
— Thomas B.